Monday, November 17, 2014

What did I learn from my 2014 Garden?

As you have seen from my other posts, I take the time to keep a gardening journal. I even devoted my summer newsletter to the advantages of journaling and the many topics that a person can write about. You can find it at:

So here are a few of my journal entries of the victories and challenges I faced this year:

**Irrigation – The irrigation I installed this year proved to be well worth the money spent. I was able to reach all the plants, even the trees bordering my garden. I do need to bury some of the outer hoses before I use them again next year because the rodents chew holes in them.
**Roses, Monarda, and Daylily – these plants do exceptionally well in this climate. Will need to divide the Monarda next year and move further back in my beds so it doesn’t block the view of the other plants.  Will need to fertilize the roses first thing in the spring and divide daylily’s.
**Frost Danger – Frost came early this year and took out what was left of the annuals that survived the hail storm in August. Starting them in the house prior to planting outside was a big boon to their success.  Will need to try more and different plants next year.  Especially ones that can’t be planted until all danger of frost has passed—which is hardly ever here in this desert climate.
**Tomatoes – although I had no problem growing tomatoes in Ohio, they have been a challenge in Nevada because of the cool nights.  Will need to do more research on them during the winter months.
**Rodents - Will need to improve fencing along the deck to prevent some of the smaller animals from coming in.
**Next year – Start peas earlier next year and build a higher fence for them to grow up. Will need to move Monarda and separate Iris due to good growth this year.
So there you have it, just a few entries from 2014.
Your turn:  What is an entry you put in your gardening journal?

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