Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Just for fun - Misspelled Signs

Just for fun, I did a search on misspelled signs. They ranged from handmade to official road signs. They were on schools, businesses, and parking lots. So I typed a few in (making my spell checker go nuts), so you could read them.

It’s no wonder we don’t have more accidents with these signs:
  **  Sus Stop
  **  No trough road
  **  Go slow accident porn area
  **  Violators will be towed and find $50
  **  Slow Chidren
  **  Private Customer Parking Only – All others will be toad
  **  Motercycle Parking
  **  Dont’t drink and drive
  **  Vehical Parking
  **  Stop for Pedestrains
  **  No Unortherised Parking
  **  Bmup
  **  No parking in stripped areas
  **  Yeild
  **  Yosmite use Rte 120 east
  **  Please slow Drively
  **  Parrallel parking
  **  Main Steet
  **  Speed lump
  **  Drive-thru Enterance

And we wonder why our kids are having trouble in school? 
  **  Shcool Parking
  **  English is our language – No excetions, learn it
  **  Speeling Bee 9:00 a.m.
  **  Congradulations Spelling Bee winners
  **  Leteracy Night Dec 8
  **  Welcome back – Hope you hade a good brake
  **  Our teachers make a differance
  **  Our school seconnd to non

And, a few more…just for fun:
  **  All Busniesses open as usual
  **  Opening Febuary 2010
  **  Homade Chili
  **  Bonerless Top Sirloin Steaks
  **  Moveing Sale

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