Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Faith Happenings

It used to be you write a good book, you could get published. Times are changing as are the demands for authors to promote their work with an online presence.  One could also say it’s hard as a Christian to find faith-based resources at their fingertips, in one location. But the literary agency with whom I’m associated has created a website for both Christians and artisans.

FaithHappenings located at showcases events specific to a region, from concerts to fundraisers.  It’s for authors, speakers and musicians to advertise their work. Anyone can find a wide assortment of faith-filled books, music, audiobooks and videos. By selection, one can receive daily emails with devotionals suited to their life’s needs—male or female, college student or parent.  The opportunities are endless and the journey has only begun. And, it’s free!  It is your Complete, Tailored, Faith Resource.

So if you’re tired of scouring the web for faith opportunities and resources, I invite you to go to, sign up in your local area, and then look around.

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