Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Feast for Thieves by Marcus Brotherton

I had the opportunity to read Feast for Thieves by Marcus Brotherton and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Marcus is not a stranger to the publishing world. His previous books, all non-fiction, include Shifty’s War, A Company of Heroes and New York Times bestseller, We Who Are Alive and Remain: Untold stories from the Band of Brothers. 

Feast for Thieves, however, is his debut fiction novel.  The story crafted by Brotherton, set if post WWII era, is a remarkable tale of forgiveness and redemption. The main character, Sergeant Rowdy Slater, is faced with a decision—either be tried and subsequently put in jail for robbing a bank, or trust in the wisdom of small town sheriff who, for some reason, has taken a liking to him.
Rowdy's punishment? Serve for one year as a minister in the lonely town of Cut Eye, Texas. Of course Rowdy will take his punishment because it beats going to jail. But a preacher? With his past?

Then, if that isn't enough, Rowdy’s finds himself face to face with his partner in crime when the evil Crazy Ake returns for his share of the money from the bank heist.  When Rowdy doesn't have it Crazy Ake has a plan that will get Rowdy killed, or at the very least send him to jail.

Add in a romantic interest, Bobbie, who is none other than the sheriff’s daughter and you’ll find Marcus has created an unforgettable story.

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