Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Favorite Old Movie - Operation Petticoat

Okay, I have to admit I’m a Cary Grant fan. (Especially when I realized my post a couple of months ago was also about a Grant classic.)  Taken in by debonair demeanor and dashing tall, dark, and handsome good looks, I have to agree he is one of the best actors of all time.
This classic is another WW2 comedy about a submarine commander who finds himself stuck with a decrepit (and pink) sub, a con-man executive officer and a group of army nurses.  The latter giving him more troubles than thought possible when the clumsiness of one beautiful nurse wreaks havoc on his submarine—and his heart.
Again, Grant’s days as a pantomime serve him well.  Especially when the submarine tilts and the well-endowed nurse falls against him in the narrow hall of the submarine. His expression is priceless!
It isn’t until the end of the movie that you learn the clumsy nurse won his heart—and yes, she’s still as clumsy as ever.  When she rear-ends her husband’s staff car, he takes it in stride as any wise commander would do.
I can’t think of a favorite scene, because the whole movie that turns disaster into fun is a must see in my book.
Your Turn: Do you have a favorite Cary Grant Movie?

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