Sunday, August 24, 2014

Romancing Summer


If a man breaks your heart, do you give him the chance to break it again?

Mason Alexander, paramedic and father, made one mistake too many and it cost him the love of his childhood sweetheart—Summer Madison. After his wife tires of his do-good ways and files for a divorce, Mason returns to his home town to start over and provide a solid home for his six-year-old son, Justin. Then when Summer Madison walks back into his life, he wants to believe God is offering him a second chance at love.
          Summer Madison left her teaching job in Chicago and is back in her memory-infested home town for one reason only—to take care of her grandfather. She expects to see Mason Alexander occasionally, but within her first twenty-four hours of returning to Shady Meadow?  Life couldn’t be so cruel.
          They had grown up together, been best of friends, and planned to marry until Mason's indiscretion drove him into a loveless marriage based on nothing more than responsibility. Despite starting a new family, he had never stopped loving Summer. 
Summer’s feelings toward Mason are mixed. He's become a dedicated, honest, and respectable man.  All the qualities she longed for in a soul mate.  But the fact that he walked out on her six years prior, begs the question . . . can she trust him with her heart a second time? 
Appearing here beginning September 5th.

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