Monday, August 4, 2014

Plant of the Month - Monarda (Bee-balm)

Plant of the Month – Monarda (Bee-balm)

Monarda, most commonly called Bee-balm is a unique flower on long stems.  Their height is often determined by the amount of sunlight they receive. But the most pleasurable thing about this perennial is its scent. Just pick up a leaf and rub it between your fingers, it will reward you with its spicy scent. These plants grow tall so don’t plant them at the front of your bed.  Cut back the stems to the ground in winter and divide them about every three years or so to keep them from becoming over crowded.


Light:  Partial Shade/Full Sun
Zones:  4 – 9
Plant Type:  Perennial
Plant Height:  24 - 36" (Depending on variety)
Plant Width:  15 - 18"
Flower Color:  Pink, Red, White, or Purple.
Bloom Time:  Early to mid-summer
Special Features:  Foliage and the flowers have a spicy scent that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to these plants.

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