Monday, August 25, 2014

My war with Rodents, Rabbits, and Nevada Wildlife (Part 1)

We have a deck that runs off the front of our house.  To the south side of the deck I have a fenced in garden.  The fence, about 4 foot high, has proven to be more than enough to keep the wildlife population of Nevada at bay.

Until lately.

Perhaps the approach of fall is stepping up the animal’s need to store up body fat to survive their long winter nap, or they have just recently stumbled upon my smorgasbord of a garden.  Either way, they have become a nuisance.

One night (and several nights thereafter), the sound of something digging under the deck woke me from a dead sleep.  When we built the deck, we enclosed it to the ground, plus buried chicken wire deep into the soil to keep anything from digging under it.

Until now.

Night after night, the sound of scratching and digging woke me. I “assumed” my garden was safe because after all we’d “protected” it from rodent invasion. 

Boy was I wrong!

When I lifted the small step we have on the garden side of the deck, I found that something had tunneled under the board, under the wire, and under my step. And guess who was in my garden!!!

I pushed the dirt back, put in rocks and more chicken wire, but the critter has still managed to make it into my garden.


Some have told me to put out traps or poisons, but I really don’t have the heart to kill them, even if they love to munch on my garden.  I’ll leave that job for my honey to do.  J

Your Turn:  So tell me, do you have problems with rodents invading your garden?  And what have you done about it?

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