Monday, June 2, 2014

Plant of the Month - Coleus

Coleus is one of my favorite annual plants.  It isn’t grown for the flower it produces, but for its colorful leaves. It can be grown in the garden as a border plant, but I love it for a “fill in” plant in a pot.  Its variegated coloring adds so much color and brilliance to pots that it makes for a stunning arrangement either by itself or with other plants.  It can grow in the full sun or partial shade which makes it an even more versatile plant.  Just pinch it back when it gets too leggy.  Coleus will never disappoint!
Uses: Borders, Container 
Sun: Full Shade, Part Sun 
Height: 15-20  inches
Spread: 10-14  inches


  1. I used to break off the leaves and put them in a glass of water with ink in it and the leaves would turn black on the stems (or veins). Now do you know why plants don't like me? :-)

  2. How funny! You torture your plants!