Friday, June 20, 2014

People in Walmart Photos

In my day job, I work in “cube land”.  This means low walls where nothing you say is private. Your voice, especially if it’s like mine (loud), carries over the top of these flimsy walls with little effort.

One woman I worked with would send an email with the link to a new batch of The People of Walmart photos she found on the internet. You’d hear a titter her, a chuckle there drifting over the temporary walls, they’d multiply, be added to by the occasional snort or snicker. Soon someone would laugh outright. Then someone would wander over wondering what a person was laughing at, only to join in the cacophony of hilarity.

If you’ve never seen the infamous People of Walmart photos, be thankful. Which is the very reason I'm not going to include one here.  Although they can provoke an adult to hysterical fits of laughter, sometimes the images are unforgettable.

In the worst kind of way.

If you have seen them, my question to you would be . . . what in the world were they thinking?!?!?!  I want to say right here, I don’t expect people to go to the store like June Cleaver did—dress, white gloves, pearls—you’ve got the image.  But really, can’t they cover their bodies in something that fits?!  I really hope they don’t think they look good.

If you haven’t seen what I’m talking about, do a search on the internet . . . and be prepared to be dumbfounded.

Your Turn:  Have you ever seen the infamous Walmart Photos?

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