Monday, April 14, 2014

Ordering Plants Online

I order a lot of my perennial plants online.  Yes, the plants are smaller (as shown here), but you can get them at a discounted price—especially if you watch for the sales in spring.  It’s a good way to buy several plants without breaking the bank.
I usually sit down in early spring with a catalogue from my favorite nursery(s) and make a wish list.  I review each item to make sure they grow in my zone and in the area I want to plant them (shade or sun, dry or moist soil).  Then I whittle that list down to the amount I want to spend. 
For the most part, I’ve never been disappointed in my purchases and have had good luck with the plants.  They come shipped to me in containers wrapped in packing material meant to keep them moist and protected.  The key thing to remember is these are first year starts to your garden.  If you are expecting them to fill your plot the first year—you’d be mistaken.  However, by the following year, they are about the size you’d purchase in a nursery for a fraction of the cost.
Last week, I received my order of Daylilies, Iris, Butterfly Weed, Gaillardia, and Re-blooming Lilacs.  I felt like a kid at Christmas opening the box and pulling the contents out one small package at a time.  I took the time to water them, because they’ve been stuck in a dark box for at least a week without water.  I read through the planting instructions provided, and started to work.  It’s important to get them in the ground as soon as possible.
Once that’s done, I sit back and wait for them to grow. 
Although I order many of my perennials this way, you can also order seeds and annuals online as well.

Your turn:  Have you ever ordered plants online?


  1. Yes, I certainly have. My results have not been as good as yours, but maybe that's because we lived in much colder Canada, and now Minnesota. We've had to get some stock replaced, but at least in most cases they've done that. This post is a nice reminder that spring IS coming, even if we're forecast to have snow flurries again later this week.

  2. Dee, I've never had a problem ordering online. Although the plants are not large in size, they usually do well. Not knowing the type of plant or what you did with starting it, I can't make any assumptions as to what happened. But at the discounted rates of purchasing plants online, it still comes out cheaper in the long run.

  3. I've never ordered plants or seeds online but it's great to know it's not only possible, but the plants usually do well and it saves money.