Thursday, March 27, 2014

So you want to Start a Garden (Part two)

In my last post, (So you want to Garden -  Part One)  I gave you several questions to consider prior to starting your garden.  Here and in the subsequent posts, I'll be discussing why those questions are important to consider long before the ground awakens from its winter slumber.
What zone do you live in? 
This is critical to deciding which plants can grow in your garden. You can find a gardening zone map almost anywhere on the internet, but I’m providing the Farmer’s Almanac version here. As you look through gardening catalogues, make sure you pick the ones that can grow in your zone. However, keep in mind that plants in zone five in Ohio, which is a very wet state, may not grow well in Nevada’s zone five because it is an arid climate. That’s where you need to read up a little more on the plant themselves.  If it says, “needs moist soil”, it is definitely not something I’ll pick to grow where I live.
What kind of garden do you want? Flower? Vegetable? Herb?
Knowing what you'd like to plant ahead of time narrows down the research needed to find the best mix for your area or zone.  It will also determine the size of your garden and amount of sun needed. 
My suggestion is to start as simply as possible. It is so easy to go overboard, especially your first year. Pick a few vegetables you’d like to plant in a small plot outside your kitchen window, or a few flowers to put into a large container on your porch or in a bed under a shade tree.
Stay tuned to my next blog for more information on starting your own garden, in particular the many types of flowers.
Your turn: Do you have any questions so far? 


  1. Great and helpful fun. Thanks. I'd also appreciate tips on when/how to prune apple and other fruit trees. Thanks in advance

  2. Fruit trees are pruned early in the spring. But I'll look it up the details for your area and let you know!

  3. Jennie, how do you convince YOU to come be my next door neighbor? :-) Can't wait to get these tips and ongoing information about allowing God to use us as His gardeners.

  4. Getting me to be your neighbor would mean moving hubby from you know anything about moving mountains??? Because that's what it would take!