Thursday, January 30, 2014

The View From My Window - Cows

For reasons even unknown to me, from the time I was little I loved cows. :-) When my family would visit my uncle's farm I'd make my dad take me out to the barn so I could see the cows and the calves. Even in the winter, when I didn't like walking in the snow, my dad would carry me out to the barn so I could touch their soft noses and inhale the scent of hay.

Where I live now, on my way to work, I pass cattle ranch after cattle ranch. I love to stop and watch the calves romp through the grass or snuggle down content to sleep at the feet of their mother. I'm amazed to see how the frost and snow settle on the cow's back in winter with them none the wiser (or colder). I watch the cows, young and old, stretch their necks across the wire fence just to nibble on the grass on the other side. I love the peaceful view of them grazing in the field, meandering from one clump of grass to the other.

Every now and then the herds thin and I know they've gone to market, but soon the numbers increase once again. Its then I take pleasure in a small joy I've enjoyed since I was big enough to say “cow” and the memories of going to my uncle's farm.

Your turn: When you look around you, what are your “cows”?

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