Monday, January 13, 2014

Heaven Knows Mr. Allison

I am definitely not a fan of television, but because I'm recuperating from surgery I'm watching more movies than usual.  I love the old ones with the classic actors: John Wayne, Gary Cooper, and Cary Grant. I recently watched Heaven Knows Mr. Alyson with Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr.

It’s about a two people stranded on a pacific island during WWII.  Corporal Allison played by Mitchum is left adrift after a mission gone bad.  His raft lands on an island whose sole inhabitant at the time is Sister Angela, played by Kerr.  Even though sparks fly between the couple, amidst Japanese occupation, Sister Angela holds true to her vows.

Corporal Allison had never had a relationship with God, but through Sister Angela's prayers, he hears the voice of The Almighty and direction for what he needs to do to protect the two of them and the approaching US ships.

It left me with the question, how often are our prayers for others heard in miraculous ways?  How many times do we pray for others unknowing of their circumstances, or even lacking the ability to know what to pray for? Or just the fact that we're lifting their name towards Heaven's gates, their life is better for it.

The power of prayer can reach beyond human bounds into the throne room of God. It can change people lives in ways we can’t even comprehend.

Your turn: When have you seen your prayers make a difference in someone’s life?

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