Thursday, January 23, 2014

Do What You Love

As a would-be author I get as discouraged as the next person when I receive a rejection letter—and I've received several. There have been times I have even questioned whether I should even consider starting my next book.

But as the discouragement dissipates and new characters start vying for their time in my conscience, I sit down at my computer, forgetting my recent set back, and start writing out their story.

Then the next letter comes and I start the process over again. I even question the time and money I spend on trying to get published.

Then a dear friend who read one of my stories, who had also listened to my concerns about continuing toward the road to publication, asked me a question. “Do you love what you're doing?”

Writing can be easy but it can be challenging. It can be fun to watch the characters develop as the story progresses, but getting their emotions, their trials, and their victories down on paper can be down right hard. Do I love it? Yes.

Then she asked, “Would you love it even if you didn't get published?”

That question was even harder for me to answer. I really would like to get published, love to see my story in print, maybe even see it on the store shelves. Its why I keep trying to improve, to grow in my craft. It is part of the driving force to start the next book. So what if I don't get published? I decided it didn't matter as much anymore.


Because I'm doing what I love. When you're doing what you love it doesn't matter what accolades you receive because in the end, God has given each of us a gift, a talent to be used. I am working toward improving that gift with His help. What becomes of my writing is His decision.

Your turn: Are you doing what you love to do? And what is it?

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  1. Yes, I am doing what I love ... I am doing a lot of what I love. Spending time with people I love (real ones) and creating stories I love (imaginary people) and growing in my faith.
    I am living the dream.
    And learning it is hard, hard work some days.