Thursday, December 12, 2013

Writing a Blog—When do you find the time?

When I began blogging, I did one post and waited to just before the next one was due and did another.  At one point, something came up and the time I thought I’d spend writing disappeared.  Therefore, I’d been unable to post anything for a week.  I really believed there had to be a better way.
So one day I sat down with my list of topics and started writing.  Within a few hours I had accumulated several weeks of posts.  Having them ready to go, I went ahead and scheduled all of them.  A couple of days later I did the same thing. Soon I had almost two months of posts accumulated and scheduled. 
I’m finding it’s easier to schedule one day to work on posts.  Then I can schedule them and forget it.
Your turn:  Do you have a blog?  How do you work in time to get them done?  Do you do them just before they’re due?  Or do you create several at a sitting?

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