Monday, November 18, 2013

What my Children will do differently - cameras

My father's hobby was photography. He had Press Camera--the ones you only see in old movies--the big black box that weighed significantly more than the cameras of today.  The lens bellowed out and the flash was a separate attachment where the bulbs had to be screwed in before every picture. 
He was always taking pictures of us, our family and neighbors.  To make a little extra money, he took wedding pictures.  As a young girl, I helped him in the "dark room", a root cellar in our home turned photo shop. 
There he'd pull the paper from the film cartridge and develop the negatives, using a mixture of chemicals.  Then by shining light through the translucent plastic negative we'd create  prints.  The process was a long one, especially when comparing them to the point and shoot digital cameras of today. 
Although I did enjoy the time I spent with my father making the proofs for his customers and later creating larger prints for the newlywed couples, I honestly prefer seeing the pictures instantaneously. 
The kids of today have photos at their fingertips, they appear on Facebook, IM messages, and digital scrapbooks. Most don't even own a camera--it comes with their phone! They also have the ability to delete the horrible shots with one click, whereas, those of us who are older, know how it is to wait for the film to be developed, pay for the pictures, only then to realize they weren't worth a plug nickel.  They were blurred, too dark, or the heads were cutoff because of poor aim. 
Your turn: What do you think your children do differently?


  1. Instant food. My mom used to cook all day for the evening meal. Nowadays, kids walk in, grab pizza rolls out of the freezer, pop them in the microwave and in 2 minutes, they have dinner.

  2. Communicate. E-mail and phone calls have almost become a thing of the past. Now it's texting and social media. If my mom wanted me when I was a kid, she'd stand on the porch and yell. :-)

  3. Instant communication. They are always connected. Which isn't always good. And they don't play outside like we did.