Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weird City Names - just for fun

Have you ever wondered how cities were named?  I have and their reasons leave me scratching my head.

Unalaska, Alaska – Apparently they didn’t want to be part of Alaska.
Why, Arizona – Why not?  Oh, yeah.   That's in Mississippi.
Turkey Scratch, Arkansas  - Happy turkeys?
Zzyxz, California – They learned the alphabet backwards.
Bonanza, Colorado – I thought the Ponderosa was in Nevada?
Moosup, Connecticut – Is there a Moosdown?
Hill and Dale, Florida – Apparently they couldn’t decide between one or the other name.
Hopeulikit, Georgia – Hope you do.
Zaza, Idaho -  Hmmmm?
Normal, Illinois – Is anywhere normal?
Crab Town, Iowa – When I think of crabs, I picture the ocean, not an inland state.
Kickapoo, Kansas – Watch where you step.
Spider, Kentucky – I won’t go there – I don’t like spiders.
Frogmore, Louisiana – Is there a Frogless?
Deadman’s Corner, Maine – Stay away from there, bodies are pilling up on the street corners.
Unicorn, Maryland – I thought Unicorns were extinct.

Now just when you think those are weird. Look at the breaking news coming out of either New Hampshire or Maryland...either will give you a laugh.

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  1. Very funny. Thanks, I needed the laugh. I think I'll stop eating sandwiches, though. Just sayin...