Thursday, October 17, 2013

Live Your Dreams

The rest of the story—as promised.  At my first writer’s conference, my brain whirled at the enormity of writing community and the excitement that flowed between writers.  It was new and exhilarating and left me wanting to continue in my writing adventure. 

But, was it for me?  Was it something I should pursue?  Those questions dogged my steps, leaving me unsure of myself. 

In one of the many workshops, the instructor passed around a bag of Dove chocolates, you know the ones with the words of encouragement emblazoned inside the foil wrapper.  I’m not normally a chocolate eater, unless it’s coating nuts of any type, but I still shoved my hand into the bag and pulled out two pieces.  One I dropped into my purse and the other I unwrapped. 

The inside of the wrapper read, “Live your dreams.” 

Wow!  What great encouragement for someone who felt like a young bird, sitting atop a safe nesting place preparing to fly. Me.  I straightened out the foil wrapper and slid it into my notebook feeling very inspired.

The next day, while digging for a pen, I found the other piece I had dropped into my bag.  Surprise did not even begin to describe my feelings when I found that it too read, “Live your dreams.” Apparently it was the message that I was supposed to take away from that conference. So I did.

I kept both wrappers and have them hanging in my office. The road to publication has had its ups and downs.  There have been times I’ve been ready to quit, days when creation of every sentence felt like I was attempting to move a mountain, but I keep on. 

I’ve had many rejections, none of them easy to bear, but I keep trying to learn.  One day, God willing, my dream will be lived out in full living color.

Until then . . . I’ll dream.

Your turn:  Have you ever had anything occur in your life that was a confirmation of the road you were supposed to travel?

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  1. What an inspiring message, Jennie. I'm so glad you continue to Live Your Dreams!