Monday, September 30, 2013

Pass the Word On

IBM 407 Accounting Machine
While in high school I met a young Christian man.  We were taking the same computer classes and ended up becoming very good friends.
Some of the machines we worked on were almost ancient at that time, which would make them nearly prehistoric in comparison to the robust computers of today.  (See the picture above.)
This young man would print out Bible verses using these machines and hand the papers out to everyone.  By today’s opinion of prayer in schools, this would have been frowned upon, but not then.
Although we went our separate ways, I kept the papers for years.  I could probably dig into a few old boxes and not be surprised to find one of those scripture verses tucked into a book or between memorabilia from my younger days.
Those tiny papers containing a huge message, changed my life forever.  Not long after we graduated high school, I met the God he served. I wish I could find him and thank him for those messages he’d given me.  Messages of hope and eternal grace. One day I'm sure I will.
Have you ever had someone enter your life, if for only a brief time, and leave you with a life-changing moment?



  1. I always seem to have a person-a total stranger on the Road to Freedom Tour-who pops up at just the right time and meets a need. It not only changes my life but all those I come in contact with. amazing. Great post, Jennie.

  2. Reba, you have been blessed abundantly on your tour--a true sign you are in God's loving hands.