Thursday, September 26, 2013

Candy Dance Faire


All of us all have fairs and festivals that re-occur in our neighborhoods every year. Some having beginnings we’re never aware of. One near me in a small town located at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range called Genoa, NV, has a yearly festival called the Candy Dance Faire which runs the last weekend in September. 

In the early 1900’s the Judge Daniel Webster Virgin’s daughter, wanting to illuminate the dark streets of town came up with the idea of raising money to purchase street lamps. The women banded together and made candy. Then every year, to encourage couples to pay for a dance ticket, the woman would serve their home-made candy free of charge.

The dance still occurs over 100 years later, but now they also close the streets of town to motor vehicles and line them with arts and crafts vendors. These people sell everything from jewelry to metal design to hand-made quilts.

And, oh yes, candy.

Check it out here:

What fun historical events happen in your neighborhood?


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  1. Love this post, Jennie. I'd probably love the candy, too! I love the apple festivals in Appalachia.