Monday, September 23, 2013

Autumn – My Favorite Season

When moving across the country two years ago, I expected I would miss many things about Ohio and the location I had lived for more decades than I’m willing to admit.  The obvious were my family and friends.  Other things, like the familiarity of a life lived in one general area, I knew, would be a struggle. What I was sure I wouldn’t miss was the days of gray clouds and rain. 

However, the dismal rain produced the one thing I find I miss the most. Trees.  I miss the vibrant green of the leaves in the spring time and they create as they are tossed by gentle summer breezes.  But most of all I miss them in autumn.

Yesterday marked the start of autumn—my favorite time of year.  I love the musky scent of the season, the appearance of cornstalks and pumpkin decorations along with the feel of crisp cool air against my cheeks. But more than anything I miss the abundant color of the leaves in the Midwest, rich tones of red, yellow and rust and the crunch of their dried remains under my feet long after they tumbled from the branches overhead.

In the desert climate of Nevada, fall is not as spectacular.  The few trees that do grow here generally have a short-lived change in color to yellow before slipping to brown and dropping to the ground. On one particularly cloudy day (an uncommon event here where there are 350+ days of sunshine) a cloud bank muted the mountainside in grays.  As I gazed down at the trees along the river below my home the clouds parted, albeit briefly, and lit up the line of cottonwoods lining its banks.  The view was breathtaking.  The drab yellow turned to spun gold at God’s hand.  It had been a small blessing on an otherwise drab day. One I will not soon forget.

What is your favorite season and why?

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  1. Being a Florida Flatlander, I can't say I've experienced the full changes of the seasons but I do love the crispness of autumn and the new life of spring. Thanks for the reminder that we're in autumn! Great post.