Monday, September 9, 2013

A Diamond in the Rough

On a recent trip to Alaska I wanted to see Mount Denali.  During our visit it rained daily, and the most I got to see was the bottom portion, as shown here.  It was the diamond in the rough, an image not quite visible to me until the clouds would part and show me the grandeur of the highest peak in North America.  Denali, also called the "high one", rises over 20,000 feet above sea level.

I never did see it, but much like those clouds hid the beautiful mountain, so does our fear of achieving what God has intended for us. We let the clouds of doubt throw a blanket of indecision and procrastination onto what we can truly be until we let God, the creator of heaven and earth, chisel away the rough edges, create the light catching facets, and polish our gifts until they shine.

The hardest part is taking the fist step, making an attempt at achieving something bigger than ourselves. Then, if you turn the wheel over to Him, the rest is a piece of cake!  Well, almost.  But that's a different topic!  :-)

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  1. Amazing post, Jennie. So sorry you didn't get to see Denali but it sure made for a great story.