Monday, August 5, 2013

10 Things about Me You Probably Didn’t Want to Know

1) I grew up before cell phones, DVD players, microwaves, satellite radio, and portable computers.

2) After over fourteen thousand days of being married to the same man, I still believe I’m the luckiest woman in the world.

3) I’ve written 6 full manuscripts and many partials.

4) I have four of the greatest kids in the world:
     • 1 daughter and 3 sons,
     • 2 in the military and 2 that aren’t,
     • 2 single births and one set of twins,
     • 1 has green eyes, 1 has brown, and 2 have blue
     • all married,
     • 1 in Alaska, 2 in Ohio, and one in Tennessee,
     • 1 gardens, 1 rides dirt bikes, 1 plays a guitar, 1 like to work on his truck
     • 2 have children, 1 has one on the way, and 1 wants nothing to do with parenting (that’s okay, she’s a great aunt!)

5) I love music. I played a flute, I learned piano, I love to sing, and would rather have my radio on than the television.

6) My shoe size can be labeled “clodhopper”. 

7) My passion is gardening. Even in the middle of the desert I grow flowers and vegetables.

8) My middle name is “klutz”.

9) I lived in Ohio my whole life, until two years ago when I got a job in Nevada.

10) Jesus is my savior and friend.

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