Monday, July 7, 2014

Plant of the Month - Daisies

Plant of the Month - Daisies

Who doesn’t love daisies with their bright, sunny disposition and easy-to-grow attitude?  They are a staple of a perennial lover’s garden and often one of the first perennials people will grow.  But did you know there are 23,000 species of daises?  And that not all of them are white? Did you know a Dandelion is considered a Daisy?

Some well-known varieties of varying colors are Chrysanthemums, Gerbera, Calendula, and another of my favorites Coreposis. Some daisies, such as Osteospermum are so tender they are classified as annuals. I’ve grown daisies that are not much more than a foot tall to ones that are three foot high and greater. With this flower the possibilities are endless!  Which is why I consider it one of my favorites.

Light:  Partial Shade/Full Sun
Zones:  3 – 9 (Depending on variety)
Plant Type:  Perennial
Plant Height:  24 - 36" (Depending on variety)
Plant Width:  16 - 20"
Flower Color:  Traditionally, white with Yellow disc of stamens
Bloom Time:  Early summer
Special Features:  Classic white and yellow daisies but with multiple flowers on each stalk. No garden should be without this classic flower. Enjoy in cut flower arrangements as well as the garden setting.

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