Friday, April 11, 2014

What my children will do differently - 8-Track Tapes

Eight Track Tape Day – who would have thunk it.
If you have fond memories of driving down Main Street, slipping a 5.25 x 4 inch plastic cartridge into your car stereo and enjoying your favorite rock and roll song, you probably grew up in the sixties and seventies.  And, you remember the heyday of Eight Track Tapes. 
This was a time when muscle cars were supreme and rock-and-roll blared through every radio station.  Eight Track Tapes paved the way for mobile music, which quickly moved on to cassettes and CD’s giving everyone the ability to play their favorites whenever they wanted to.  And wherever they wanted to.
But did you know Eight Track Tapes were created by the jet mogul William Lear? It was an endless loop of 1/4 inch magnetic tape, which contained eight parallel soundtracks and a never ending supply of music.
Problems with the design soon arose especially when the cartridge got dirty or the tape jammed.  It was impossible to rewind the tapes and the program sometimes changed right in the middle of a song. 
But oh, the memories were so sweet. Sorry kids, this memory is just for us “old-timers”!
Your Turn: What memories do you have o eight track tapes?

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