Thursday, November 7, 2013

Writing a Blog—Where Do you get your topics?

When I first decided to start a blog, I struggled with what to write.  For the longest time, I had decided not to do one for that very reason.  But now as I am working to improve my social networking, I knew I needed to jump in and do it.  But I was still faced with the question of what to write. 
So I went to the internet.  I did searches on “blog topics”.  I found more than enough blogs, articles, and marketing websites that listed possible topics. I copied each list into an excel worksheet.  Then I read it and marked the ones I could use repeatedly, highlighted topics I thought would be fun to write about, and made notes next to others that may be usable if tweaked slightly to resemble my interests.
I keep the running list with me, along with a pad of paper on which I can make notes on when I think of something. I’ve found it’s easier to brainstorm related ideas by using the list as a jumping off point.
Yes, there are always topics that will take precedence over the topics I have, but it beats having to sit down at the keyboard and force out a topic spontaneous post.
Your turn:  Do you have a blog?  How did you come up with your topics?  If you don’t, what do find most frustrating about the topics covered in a person’s blog?

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  1. Wow, Jennie. I'm impressed. I've been blogging for quite some time and I normally just blab out either what's on my mind or something I've experienced. When I grow up, I want to be a great blog topic planner like you! Great post.